ECOTOUR - Energy Efficiency Management In Tourism Industry

ECOTOUR E-learning Platform

One of the most important results of this project is the creation of an E-learning platform dedicated to the persons aiming to acquire the Tourism Energy Manager knowledge, skills and competences. It is a self-learning system for managers and staff of the tourism industry, also for specialized trainers, which consist of:

1. The knowledge base that will allow a friendly, fast and easy access to materials and contents about energy and natural resources management (techniques tools solutions).

2. A self-diagnostic tool that will guide the user to proper materials according to the situation and specific application environment.

3. Training area with different useful contents and tools for energy and natural resources management (techniques tools solutions) for people management, as well as any other topic related to the object of the project. This section will contain in particular practical contents and hints to be directly exploited on the job.

4. An interactive section enriched by visual elements (e.g simulation tools, e-games) to make more active the learning and assessment process.

A set of training materials will be available online in the e-learning platform. The entire online course will have to provide substantial material for a period of at least 30 hours, during which an ordinary user can go through the course from one end to another. Finally the user will be able to self-test and the platform e-learning will validate his results by downloading an online certificate that will recognize his/her knowledge and will certify the participation in the online course. Training materials will be structured on the following topics:

  •          EU Ecolabel criteria
  •          HVAC- Heat recovery
  •          Energy consumption monitoring
  •          Insulation of outer walls, roof and windows
  •          Heating systems
  •          Warm water generation and usage
  •          Cooling (Refrigerators, cooling chambers)
  •          Energy efficient equipment and eco-design
  •          Spa, Pool and Sauna
  •          Laundry
  •          Illumination
  •          Renewable energies (e.g. Solar collectors, biomass)
  •          Lift

We hope you will find this e-learning platform useful for the organization you manage or work for in tourism sector and that it will be a valid and innovative teaching tool for the trainers to use it in the real classroom environments.


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