ECOTOUR - Energy Efficiency Management In Tourism Industry


FUNDITEC - Fundación para el Desarrollo y la Innovación Tecnológica

FUNDITEC is a not for profit public equivalent body that has as its main mission to contribute to economic and social development via the promotion of technology and innovation.

For the scope of the project, FUNDITEC has expertise in:

• Territorial instruments and Innovation Policy: Promotion of innovation-support mechanisms by developing case-specific managerial tools; designing, monitoring and evaluation of Regional Innovation Plans, etc.

• Awareness raising and LL: Professional training initiatives, encouraging LL and employment. Improving European SME’s innovation capacity through the application of creativity techniques, encourage innovation by providing professional business training and advisory services for students, graduates, researchers and education agencies and developers, etc.

• Business and Economic Innovation: a more sustainable economy through using innovation and R&D mechanisms, to foster environmental, RSC and gender-equality schemes.

Contact person for ECOTOUR project:

Mr. Eri Vazquez Munoz, Director FUNDITEC

Veneçuela, 103. First floor. 08019- Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34932667091

Fax: +34932667142



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