ECOTOUR - Energy Efficiency Management In Tourism Industry


The consortium consists of 9 partners from 6 different countries (Romania, Austria, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Finland). The consortium includes university foundation, innovation, energy efficiency and training organisations, assuring a multi-actor and transnational partnership and a high quality implementation, thanks to partners’ experience. Each partner brings a unique and complimentary contribution to ECOTOUR. The rationale behind the distribution of activities are:

NERDA, Romania has expertise in tourism regional strategies aiming the development of new jobs in this sector (elaborated and made public consultation for the Regional Tourism Action Plan (PRAT), has the expertise in training activities throughout the Regional Studies Center, in development of e-learning platform within previous U-COACH. 

ENERGON has expertise in the area of energy and environment, works for the DG Environment and the EBRD in the area of energy efficiency and environmental communication and is involved in tourism projects.

AVAESEN is the Association of energy companies from Valencian region, Spain (, a cluster representing 220 of companies from the sector of renewable energies (40% out of them being active in the wind sector), with a turnover of  aprox. 4500 millions of euro.


The Foundation FUNDECYT-Scientific and Technological Park of Extremadura (FUNDECYT -PCTEX)is a non profit organization based in Extremadura (Spain) has extensive knowledge in ECVET systems having in view the expertise in different LDV TOI projects and the profile of the institution and staff.


Funditec, Spain has played an active role in the development, management and coordination of a significant number of projects in tourism sector, acting in close collaboration with Public Administration Agencies, enterprises, regional, local and International entities, Research Centres, Universities and Third Sector actors.

KAINUUN ETU will transfer the Cradle to Cradle Action Plan that gives profound insight into the various aspects of cradle to cradle perspective towards the tools and skills necessary to manage efficiently the energy.

APT Bucovina, Romania is one of the most important tourism association from Romania with more than 100 members from the tourism sector and it is major involved in promotion and development of tourism services of its members. Also it has expertise in the dissemination and promotion activities.


EUROCREA, Italy provides specialised researchers which were previously involved in elaboration of methodological framework for research in various projects (e.g. U-COACH). EUROCREA will coordinate the WP 2 of the project. 


Business Development Friesland (BDF), Netherlands is involved in projects focused on sustainable development, environmental themes, providing quality courses as VET provider.


For more details about each organization and contact persons, please consult full partners' presentations from drop-down menu above (Partners).


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